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July 2011-ammonium sulphate market is the best ,new high point

Author : Miss Yang Date : 7/26/2011 5:17:30 AM

Recently,ammonium sulphate market is very good.The price keep going up.The price raise USD 60-70/MT this month.The carprolactam type ammoniumsulphate price has raise sharply.From the market,there is possible that the price ofammonium sulphate is going up in the future.

The reason is below

First,the supply is less than demand.China ammonium sulphate output is 3 million MT per year.Most of ammonium sulphate is from coal chemical industry.In the past months,the coal industry machine don't run completely.

Second,Exporter buy a lot of ammonium sulphate  to export.This is good news get ammonium sulphate price more crazy.The international ammonium sulphateprice is going up too.From the goverment statistical data,from Jan to June,China export 720 000MT ammonium sulphate.This rate 28% raise compared with 2010.

Third,tombarthite high price is related to ammonium sulphate price.tombarthite need a lot of ammonium sulphate during it is production.

Fourth,The compound NPK fertilizer manufacturer and china farmer need a lot of ammonium sulphate 

Fifth,Some trader store ammonium sulphate and hope to sell a good price in the future.

In totally,the ammonium sulphate market is very good.And at the same time,manychina distributor complain the market.When small dealer buy ammonium sulphatefrom distributor,the ammonium sulphate price raise.The distributor loss.